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“Teachers in Uganda are striking for a salary increase which will provide them with a living wage. Teachers in Uganda earn as little as $96 a month under conditions where inflation is running at 20 %. The teachers – who are members of the union Ugandan National Teachers Association (UNATU) are demanding a 100% rise. Teachers are among the worst paid government employees in the country – yet Yoweri Museveni – President of Uganda since 1986 – says that an increase for teachers is not a priority. Instead the government is prioritising infrastructure which will allow it to become one of the world’s top 50 oil producers.”

Ugandan Teachers fight for Living Wage | Teacher Solidarity

That last sentence really makes a red flag go off in my mind. In the wake of all this Kony 2012 nonsense, I’ve been doing what i feel most should do when a topic of such emotional appeal and rapid metastasis becomes a magnet of attention: research. I’ve read a few different takes on the criticism of this campaign which extend from claiming that Invisible Children is being funded by the anti-gay, creationist, christian right, to this being part of a larger ploy to focus attention and “aid” on Uganda for the purpose of benefiting from the above-mentioned oil production, all the while supporting what has become a dictatorship littered in violations against humanity, headed by one Yoweri Museveni, as is posited in this article. All perspectives elicit some degree of paranoia, including (and probably especially) the IC video. For me at least, all the attention and money headed Uganda’s way via the U.S., Britain, China, and India at this point in history begs the question “why?” when so many years of atrocities have failed to obtain such a response.

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